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About Us


Emergency Rescue (ER) is a registered company with the Corporate Affairs Commission specially designed to provide emergency medical attention to the public and private sector of the society. With a strong passion to preserve lives and impart knowledge on the populace, we hope to make a lasting impact in the health sector across the face of Nigeria and Africa. It is a wise saying that Health is wealth and it is only people who are alive that can strive for good health or wealth. We hope to educate, train and equip Nigerians with the essential tools of emergency medicine.

Our slogan is every second counts. This is because we strongly believe in the concept of the Golden Hour. What is the golden hour The golden hour is a window of opportunity in which rapid medical intervention can save a patient's life or make a significant difference in the level of impairment a patient experiences after recovering from a medical emergency.

In an environment like ours in Lagos Nigeria, there are many factors that threaten medical response within this precious moment. We have studied the dynamics of our environment and have developed various strategies to ensure that our clients get the best medical response available at the fastest time possible with every means at our disposal. Every life counts, every second counts.


Our Vision

"To provide rapid, adequate and effective emergency medical services with the aim of reducing mortality and limiting morbidity using standards which are acceptable in developed nations."

Our Mission

"To provide emergency medical services using the best standards and at the most affordable cost."

Our Slogan

"Every second counts."