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The need to have trained people to respond in the event of an emergency is invaluable. Worldwide, the acceptable time for response is between 30mins to 1 hour. However, many emergencies cannot survive that long. A trained non-medical layman is more beneficial to the victim than a professor who is 30 minutes away.

Emergency Rescue is poised to create a niche of people who are trained as first responders when any medical emergency arises. The curriculum is designed for a wide spectrum of people and tailor made to our environment.

Our Goal

We hope to educate the populace on the steps to take when they recognize a medical emergency and equip them with skills necessary to effect the needed intervention thereby reducing morbidity and preventing mortality.

We hope to introduce the concept of first aid to Nigerians from different levels of their educational development; (Nursery, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary) this is in line with international standard practice in developed nations.

We want to empower people with the knowledge and skill necessary to be called first aiders; thereby being a ready source of help in the event their students or fellow staff have a medical emergency.

We believe this is a crucial part of our overall goal of proliferating this knowledge nationwide and training One million Nigerians in the next 5 years.

The missing link
  • Statistics show that in general Nigerian institutions and families have no plans for medical emergency or means to implement such when there is a plan.
  • The presence of a first aider has been shown worldwide to improve the chances of survival in an emergency.
  • Children are vulnerable part of the group and the chances of a child developing a medical emergency while in school is very high.
  • Availability of trained medical personnel domiciled in the home and work environment is apparently a luxury many Nigerians cannot afford. A trained first aider could be a stop gap till medical help is available.
  • Even when medical help is on site, some companies and schools have very large compounds, the time to get the sick child to the sick bay or clinic might be too precious to waste. A trained first aider on site would be invaluable. Many deaths would have been prevented if this policy has been in place

  • Participants are registered in our data base of trained first aiders and they can always make reference to it or be called upon in the event of a national disaster to assist (optional).
  • The knowledge is indispensable; trainees are equipped to be lifesavers for life beyond the four walls of the work or home environment thereby helping the society at large.
  • Participants are an invaluable asset to their families, neighborhood and the society in general especially in locations where standard health care delivery is scarce or inefficient.
  • Others Include:
    * High value for money paid.
    * International certificate.
    * Training kit is inclusive
    * Training manual is inclusive.
    * State of the art equipment would be used.
    * The certificate is valid for 2 years
    * Trainers have international accreditation
    * Center is accredited internationally.

  • Past Experiences

    Till date the training programs have been adjudged as practicable, easy to understand and highly informative by our participants. We have also received feedback about participants putting the knowledge to practice and thereby saving lives.

    We have trained over 2000 people from the general public and some organizations like:

    • Aero contractors
    • Eko Hotel and Suites
    • Planet One Entertainment
    • Grange School
    • Little Toddlers Montessori School
    • Windsor house limited
    • Winchester Suites Limited
    • .......to mention a few.